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Google Ads Managed Services

Advida is a top performance marketing agency that pairs unique creatives with proven campaign strategies to profitably drive new customers to your brand.

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We drive billions YouTube views every year with custom tailored video creatives designed to entertain, educate, and convert views into new customers.

Google Display Network

We’ve harnessed the power and sheer scale of Google’s Display Network to drive consistent flows of new customers to our clients with banner and responsive ads.

Discovery Ads & Performance Max

As a top Google Ads advertiser, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of Google’s newest ad types and have been first to market bridging our clients campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities.

Google Search

While your brands search queries surge from increased exposure to YouTube and Google Display Network, our team will work meticulously to drive high ROI search campaigns that turn interested Google searches into new revenues streams for your business.

The Premier Agency For Everything Google

Our team leverages extensive experience, custom creative capabilities, and proprietary technology to provide a synergistic approach to the Google Ads platform.

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Advida has been a trendsetter when it comes to innovating and strategically leveraging the full potential of the Google Ads platform.

Colton Purvin

Performance Marketing Lead at Google

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