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Performance Marketing Powered By Technology

Are you a publisher that’s interested in increasing your revenue?

We help publishers monetize their ad inventory with specialized technology.

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Publisher Ad Server Technology

Our proprietary ad serving technology provides publishers with potent monetization solutions designed to increase yield.


Our technology seamlessly integrates with any website and automatically fills impressions with high quality ads from the world’s top advertisers.


Every advertiser is vetted and works directly with the Advida publisher team to ensure a high quality experience for your readers.

Key Capabilities

Schedule a quick 5-minute strategy call to learn how our technology platforms can increase your revenue.

Lightweight code available in banner and native ad formats.
Hand-picked brands and advertisers with direct relationships.
Safety and quality controls to protect your audience.
Faster payouts than any major ad network.
Flexible revenue share terms.

Interested in increasing your website's revenue?

Advida has been a strategic partner for years. They’ve consistently outperformed the competition year in and year out.

John Weisgerber

Microsoft Advertising