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Advida Strategic Partnerships

Expanding Outreach via High-Quality Advertising Channels

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Loop TV
Paid Media Via Meta, Aka Facebook


In July 2021, we wanted to scale our paid media efforts on Meta. Our business is Business-to-Business, so our ideal customer must have a foot traffic business. We knew we needed a robust team to help.


After hearing they had spent over $150M on Meta and have a deep understanding of tracking and reporting after the new privacy policies rolled out earlier that year. It was clear to us this was the team.


Throughout our engagement, they Increased our daily B2B leads 792% In a short period. At the same time, maintaining a respectable lead quality.


They were quick, responsive, and significantly data-driven. Expressing this through complex variable testing techniques and reporting that was easy to digest.

We highly recommend Advida due to their expertise and diligence to succeed.

Bob G.

Chief Revenue Officer