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We formulate effective paid social media campaigns focused on one thing - growth.

Advida is your go-to solution for everything paid social.
9 figures in profitable ad spend across dozens of product categories.

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Meta - Facebook & Instagram

Our targeted Meta strategies are backed with proven campaign architecture, industry connections, and a passion for developing unique creatives that intrigue, educate, and turn views into new customers.


We understand the process of bridging the gap between entertainment, attention span, and conversions with our custom-made creatives and strategic data-first approach.

X (Twitter)

We take pride in learning the nuances of new ad platforms early, embracing unchartered territory while developing systems that help our partners profitably tap into growing ad platforms.


Snapchat is the premier platform for tapping into the new generation of online shoppers. We’ve formulated unique Snapchat specific ad strategies that resonate with new pockets of potential customers.

The Premier Agency For Everything Social

We’ve spent the past decade utilizing paid social media campaigns to grow our partners' brands.

Ready to level up your social ads?
We highly recommend Advida. They are simply put…world class.

Jenn & Kym

Founders of Vici Wellness

Increasing Native Ad Revenues On MSN

From optimizing native ad units to expanding to international geos

Strategic Lead Generation Success Through Premium Advertising Platforms

Expanding Outreach via High-Quality Advertising Channels

Advida Strategic Partnerships

Expanding Outreach via High-Quality Advertising Channels

Paid Media & Beyond

From optimizing paid media efforts and shaping the business model for success