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From optimizing paid media efforts and shaping the business model for success

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Vici Wellness
E-Commerce Managed Services


When Advida began to work with us in August 2022, our paid media was suffering, ultimately putting a choke hold on our business profits and future. We needed to do something, and fast…


Advida came with confidence and, more importantly, a strong plan backed by data after gathering key data points about the business, starting with our Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Retention Rate, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value (AOV).


In a short time, they Increased our MRR by 512%, Retention by 25%, Conversion Rate by 16%, and AOV by 6%.


This combination enabled an Increase In our paid media ROI by 114%


In all, they viewed our company as If it was one of their own when we needed It the most.

We highly recommend Advida. They are simply put… World Class

Jenn & Kym

Founders of Vici Wellness